Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

HoD'S Desk

       The great Indian dream is largely dependent on successful careers. Careers are largely spurred by industrial development, which is a measure of the nation-building propensity of our technical graduates. With the world’s second largest technical workforce, we are destined for greater glory.
       It is my earnest conviction that Electrical Engineering, encompassing the twin streams of Power and Communication, holds the key to sustained development. The fount of all engineering, Electrical Sciences holds promise of an enthralling career in academia and industry. Touching every facet of engineering, from the myriad depths of the ocean to the mystic blue of the sky, we touch it with pride. Mining, transportation, power generation, transmission, distribution, materials handling, automation, manufacturing, testing ….the list goes on. It is an oft quoted saying that Electrical graduates survive the test of time through the ritual of fire. They are made for all seasons.
           The department is fully geared up to surpass our objectives of imparting top education by dedicated faculty and staff employing the best possible equipment and infrastructure. To this end, several academic programs have been put in place.

  • B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engg
  • M.Tech in Power Electronics & Power System
  • M.Tech in Energy Systems
It is with confidence that we expect to enroll budding school graduates who are at the crossroads of selecting an appropriate technical discipline.

P C Thomas

Head, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engg.

Mob: + 91 9495 010 565
Off: + 91 4828 305500 / 305531


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