Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

Five Day Short Term Training Programme on “Embedded System Design Using Matlab & Arduino”

About the Programme
Arduino refers to an open source electronics platform and  the  software  used  to  program  it. Arduino can be used to develop interactive electronics. It can accept input from a variety of switches/sensors and can control different devices and physical outputs. Arduino projects can be stand-alone or can communicate with software running on the computer. MATLAB is another tool for modeliing, simulation and controlling purposes. The combination of image and sound processing using MATLAB & Arduino help the students to realize various live projects
Programme Objectives
The workshop aims to provide a platform for interaction and to discuss recent advances, new paradigms, technological trends and challenges in   the   field   of   Embedded   Systems. This workshop also provides an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas on the topics of importance along with thought provoking technical sessions like real time project training in Arduino microcontroller & MATLAB by eminent experts from our Departments
Last date of registration: 07/02/2017


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